Wentworth Primary School opposes all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination. The school supports diversity and promotes good personal and community relations. Diversity is recognised as having a positive role to play within the school.

All staff foster a positive atmosphere of mutual trust among pupils from all ethnic groups. Clear procedures are in place to ensure that all forms of bullying, including religious, racist, sexist and homophobic, are dealt with promptly, firmly and consistently and are in line with school policies and guidance.

All incidents of bullying are recorded and dealt with in line with relevant school policies. The school’s anti-bullying policy is reviewed annually by all staff. Pupil volunteers are trained to act as peer supporters at break times.

The schools ethos is encapsulated is the following charter:

The Wentworth Deal

‘Achieving Happily’

There are a number of key skills and attributes we feel you need to develop during your time at Wentworth.

We want you to be;

  • Happy, confident, independent and healthy.
  • Successful, responsible, honest and reliable.
  • Positive in your attitude.
  • Tolerant, open-minded and prepared to take risks.
  • Communicative, organised and creative.

To learn effectively, you need to be a good listener, have a thirst for knowledge, be reflective of your own learning, be prepared to persevere and to accept both success and failure. This will ensure you are a well-rounded, thoughtful, resourceful and responsive individual.

To be good citizens we want you to be respectful, kind, caring, considerate, friendly, sociable and well-mannered with an optimistic outlook.

If we can share these ideals and work as a team, you will be ready for the next stage of your life.

To help you develop these skills and attributes the staff of Wentworth Primary School will whenever possible


  • Keep you safe.
  • Seek to know each of you well enough to understand your learning needs.
  • Have high expectations of you in your work and behaviour, providing you with clear consistent rules and boundaries supported by rewards and sanctions.
  • Provide you with purposeful, engaging and interesting lessons and diverse opportunities that make your learning and school life fun.
  • Encourage you to have a say and be listened to.
  • Treat you fairly with justice, respect and consideration.
  • Value you as individuals and celebrate your achievements.
  • Give you our support and encouragement, including feedback that will help you improve even further.

What do we expect from you, the pupils?

For you;

  • To attend every day, appropriately dressed, on time and ready to learn.
  • To do your best and take a pride in all you do.
  • To be aware of, understand and respect school rules and to be well mannered.
  • To be organised, enquiring and responsive.
  • To develop independence.
  • To listen and to engage in learning (including homework).
  • To be honest and to respect people and the environment.

How can the parents of our children support us?


  • Working with us as partners, recognising we have the interests of the children at heart.
  • Recognising our decisions are in the best interests of the child and the school community as a whole.
  • Having trust and developing positive communication.
  • Ensuring children are rested and fed, attend school and are punctual.
  • Informing staff of important health/social issues and to attend meetings and specialist appointments.
  • Encouraging independence.
  • Providing the correct resources, supporting homework and promoting home learning.

How can we support the parents of our children?


  • Ensuring our communications to you are clear and concise.
  • Keeping you informed and running workshops to support your understanding of the learning process.
  • Being open, honest and friendly.
  • Speaking to you in a sensitive manner, demonstrating understanding.
  • Demonstrating our knowledge of your child as an individual.
  • Celebrating your child’s achievements with you through direct contact with home.
  • Ensuring our website is up to date and informative.

How can our Governing Body support us?


  • Providing a strategic (not operational) overview.
  • Showing trust and support.
  • Having positive involvement and a high profile.
  • Communicating clearly with us.
  • Linking with subjects and/or classes.
  • Having an agreed programme of visits and discussions with staff.
  • Having a good knowledge of the staff and the organisation of the school.
  • Having a good understanding of the progress and attainment the children make.
  • By supporting the school to develop further.


As a school, we are very ware of safeguarding processes and procedures. We have systems in place for the vetting of staff and helpers that meet with National guidelines. We have trained staff in child and family welfare issues including e-safety. We can support families, guide or refer them to agencies that will offer professional services.