What is the School Council?

  • The council is made up of children from Years 1 to 6 who have been elected by their classmates.
  • Councillors discuss ways to improve children’s experiences at school, how the school environment can be developed and any issues of concern raised by their peer group.
  • Each class has a suggestion box for children to post ideas.  These ideas are discussed at council meetings and decisions made based on; safety, cost effectiveness and maximum impact.
  • Councillors are supported by Mrs Born and regularly meet or feedback to Mr Langridge.
  • The School Council elects its own officers who take up the positions of Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

What are the responsibilities of the School Council?

  • For councillors to represent their classes.
  • To provide feedback to their classes and to ask for contributions.
  • To democratically make decisions about the suggestions brought to council.
  • To inform children and staff about decisions made in council.

What the School Council has achieved in recent years:

  • Had the pupil toilets refurbished.
  • Bought new playground equipment and storage sheds.
  • Supported the interview process to appoint the Head Teacher.
  • Held assemblies to inform children of their decisions and to encourage appropriate use of playground equipment.
  • Designed the murals produced around the school.
  • Been involved in the planning of the James Road quiet area.
  • Met with Governors.
  • Visited the mayor and hosted a return visit.
  • Visited the MP for Dartford, Gareth Johnson, in the Palace of Westminster and toured the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  A return visit is planned for February 2017.

There is a direct link between the School Council and the PTA with the PTA listening to the proposal made by the council and funding their projects.  This in turn has led to the pupils becoming more actively involved in supporting PTA events.


P Langridge


December 2016


Click link for the School Council’s comments on their trip to the Houses of Parliament  – February 2017