‘Governance is strong.’ OFSTED – Nov 17

Governors come from a variety of different backgrounds, reflecting the many interest groups in our school, but they have one important thing in common. They are dedicated to ensuring that the children in the school have the best education possible. This is the primary focus of all governors.

A school’s governing body comprises of Parent Governors, Staff Governors and Co-opted Governors. The full governing body usually meets three times a year, with additional meetings called when necessary.

Becoming a Parent Governor is open to all parents or carers of children within the school. When a vacancy arises elections are held to select a new governor, who would hold office for four years.  Induction training, for new governors, is essential.  Additional training to gain specific knowledge and skills is also available, at no charge.

Wentworth Primary School governors have a wide range of experience, knowledge and competences working effectively as a team making corporate decisions.

Although the work of the governing body is voluntary, it has many responsibilities but in general, it is there to set the policy framework for the school and to monitor the implementation as managed and carried out by the Headteacher and staff. They play a strategic role in the leadership and management of the school. They delegate organisational responsibilities to the school leadership team. This is made up of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Governors hold formal full board meetings three times a year and an Annual General Meeting with the Members.  In addition, governors have sub-committees that monitor school planning, process and performance in curriculum, personnel, finance and premises.

Governors involve themselves wherever possible in all aspects of school life. They visit the school formally and informally, supporting children’s learning and working collaboratively with all staff, to enrich the opportunities that we provide.

As the governors and strategic managers of the school, they keep themselves informed of government initiatives and their implications for the school. The close practical working arrangements developed between governors and the leadership team are essential in maintaining Wentworth as a highly achieving school that we can all be proud of.

Name Type of Governor Term of office from and to Business/personal interest
Valerie Churchill Co-opted 01/07/2017 – 30/06/2021 None
Ben Archibald Appointed 23/10/2019 – 22/10/2023 Wife is a Teacher at Wentworth Primary School.
Jeffrey Quaye Co-opted 13/01/2017 – 12/01/2021 None
Kirsty Randall Staff 09/03/2017 – 08/02/2021 None
Paul Langridge Headteacher 01/09/2015 None
 Caroline Gormley  Parent  13/05/2016 – 12/05/2020  None
Anthony Mayzes Parent 23/10/2019 – 22/10/2023
Giles Swan Parent 23/10/2019 – 22/10/2023 None
Lewis Pollock Staff 06/10/2017 – 05/10/2021 None
 James Coldwell Co-opted 24/09/2019 – 23/09/2023  None
 Matthew Francis Co-opted  24/09/2019 – 23/09/2023  None
 Robert Lowrie  Parent  16/10/2019 – 15/10/2023  None


Name Committee(s) Responsibility
Valerie Churchill Finance and Premises Curriculum and Personnel Pay Committee               Head Teacher Review Panel S.E.N.                       Data Analysis     Science
Ben Archibald Finance and Premises   Curriculum and Personnel Safeguarding       Early Years         Safeguarding Review
Paul Langridge Finance and Premises   Curriculum and Personnel
 Caroline Gormley  Curriculum and Personnel
Anthony Mayzes Finance and Premises  Premises           Health and Safety                   Governor Training
Giles Swan Finance and Premises Curriculum and Personnel Pupil Premium     Sports Premium
Lewis Pollock Finance and Premises Curriculum and Personnel
 James Coldwell Curriculum and Personnel
 Matthew Francis Finance and Premises


Our current Governing Board:
Chair: Mrs V Churchill
Vice Chair:  Mr B Archibald
Governors:  Ms C Gormley, Mr T Mayzes, Mr G Swan, Mr J Quaye, Mr P Langridge, Mrs K Randall, Mr L Pollock
Clerk: Bexley Clerking Services

Wentworth Primary School – Governor’s Declaration of Interests

This is a ‘live’ document which means Governors will be asked to declare any changes to their personal  or business interest at each meeting of the Full Governing Body or subcommittees.


Yvette Knight, Russ Ketley,  all from date of incorporation of Company – 05.01.12

Janice Western – became member by resolution – 01.02.14

Giles Swan – became member by resolution – 12.07.17


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