Your child will be continually monitored and their progress assessed by their class teacher. This will be by use of relevant tests in the various subject areas and by the professional judgement of the teacher. At the end of each academic year, in Key Stage 2 your child will be assessed, using Nationally formulated tests that will provide a standardised assessment with regard to the National norm for the child’s chronological age.

The teachers are available to discuss your child’s progress by appointment throughout the year. There are three formal opportunities, one each term, where a formal consultation with your child’s teacher is available and work available for your inspection. You are invited to discuss any matters regarding your child’s development at any time.

A formal written report is sent home in the Summer Term showing your child’s progress and is the basis for discussion at the Summer consultation meeting with your child’s class teacher.

At the end of each Key Stage (7 and 11) your child will be tested using the National Standards Assessment Tests/Tasks. These results will appear in your child’s written report.