Home Learning

When children are required to self-isolate, we are committed to providing home learning in order to support their development. We appreciate the support of our families in facilitating successful Home Learning arrangements which are detailed below.

In the case of a single child or a small group of children self-isolating from a class, the class teacher will use Class Dojo to contact parents and share work.  This will involve work which is matched to the content being covered in school.  Children can print this work or complete it on separate paper.  Photographs of any completed work can be returned to the teacher through Class Dojo, where general weekly feedback will be offered. Typically there will be an English focussed task and a maths focused task each day.  There will be a topic based activity for completion over the week.

In the case of an entire class bubble isolating, children will be provided details of how to access Home Learning through Seesaw – in the Foundation Stage this will be through Tapestry.  Work will be posted for children by 9am each day in the form of online activities.  There will often be links to watch followed by related content from resources we use in school, including White Rose Maths, BBC bite size and the Oak National Academy.  On top of this, teachers will record learning videos with home learning tasks.  A "live" element to home learning will have a focus on maintaining teacher-pupil and pupil-pupil interaction.  Children will sometimes be asked to complete their work through the app, at other times, they will be encouraged to write / make / build to demonstrate their learning.  In these instances, photographs should be uploaded.  Teachers will monitor content daily and offer feedback through Seesaw or Tapestry. 

All isolating pupils will be strongly encouraged to engage with home learning. In general, children in Key Stage 1 should be completing a minimum of 3 hours of school work per day when isolating and children in Key Stage 2 should be completing a minimum of 4 hours.  If children finish the tasks set (including any accompanying link videos) sooner, we encourage children to engage with the various learning apps and websites published on our school website, in particular Numbots for KS1 and Times Tables Rock Stars for KS2.  There is also an expectation that children will read for a significant period each day (at least 30 minutes). 

When children do not have devices to access this work, printed versions can be arranged and mailed out.  If appropriate, school devices will be loaned to families to support Home Learning.

Any children with Special Educational Needs should contact Mrs. Simcock (SENCO - gemma.simcock@wentworthonline.co.uk) for support with accessing home learning.  Mrs. Simcock will check in on children with additional needs to support class teachers in removing any barriers to home learning.

As a school, we will monitor the engagement of pupils and strongly encourage their participation with Home Learning.  Class teachers will contact through Class Dojo if work has not been submitted.  Support will be offered in accessing the work to ensure all barriers to engagement are removed.  We actively encourage parents to communicate any engagement issues so we can work collaboratively.

If there are any queries with Home Learning tasks, parents are encouraged to contact the class teacher through Class Dojo.  Additional support can be arranged through this platform. 


As a school, we have devices available to support families in accessing home learning.  Please contact Mr. Pollock through Class Dojo or by email (lewis.pollock@wentworthonline.co.uk).


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