Term 6 2021 - Early Years

Welcome to EYFS lets see what we have been up to...

We have enjoyed learning about traditional tales such as The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk to name but a few and alternative versions. We have listened to, reenacted and retold the stories.

We have been practising writing sentences, retelling stories using our Mighty Writer board and have had fun writing in speech bubbles.

We have used the Mighty Writer resources to help us retell the stories, we have used our phonics skills to help us to spell. We have thought about our letter formation from our Fine Motor sessions.

We have enjoyed finding a nice quiet spot to read and look at a few books.

Just like Jack we have enjoyed growing our own magic beanstalk! I wonder what will be at the top?

In Maths we have been practising adding and subtracting given amounts using a variety of manipulatives and we have been exploring doubles through songs and the use of dominoes.

Through our continuous provision we have been exploring weight and measuring the length of objects.

Last term we started our Red Rooster music sessions with Jonathan and the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play a range of percussion instruments. We have explored the rhythm and pulse of a piece of music and thought about how different pieces of music can make us feel.

The children have then taken their learning into their play and have practised the call and response chant.

Each week we either go to PE or Forest School. In Forest school we met Mr Ketley’s chicken Red, helped him to saw some sleepers and explored the environment. We really enjoy our Forest School sessions. We have so much fun!

In PE we have been learning about how to move across the equipment in different ways and how to jump and land correctly.

In our continuous provision we have enjoyed playing skittles, making up our own dance routines, and planting a range of plants. We have developed our gross motor skills through a range of activities such as tennis and swing ball. Together we have played some of the games from our teaching time. We have used our imagination and re-created objects using our deconstructed roleplay area and enjoyed acting out different experiences.

We cannot wait for our next learning adventure! We are going to be real life Superheroes!