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Family Liaison Officer

Hello my name is Pamela Hill.  I am the FLO (Family Liaison Officer/worker) at Wentworth.  I am able to support parents and carers on matters impacting on your child’s education and development. I am here to listen and offer support, working in partnership with you. I have extensive experience and can access a range of information and can also sign-post you to a variety of services.

Examples of areas I am able to support in include:

  • Attendance Issues

  • Behaviour and parenting support and guidance

  • Family circumstances affecting your child eg parental separation, debt, housing, abuse, bereavement, mental health etc.

  • Free School Meals and uniform

  • Offer signposting information to other agencies, eg School Nurse, CAMHS

  • Transition to Secondary School

  • Family Learning

  • Food vouchers

  • Form filling or online applications to do with your child

  • Plus anything else that may be causing you to worry


If a child is content with their home environment this will prove to have a positive effect on their learning and will help your child meet their potential.

I am available from 8.30am until 4.00pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and can be contacted on my mobile 07552 634463, via the school office or in the playground at drop off and collection times. Please feel free to contact me for a chat and coffee.

Pamela Hill

Family Liaison Officer

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