Policies, Statements and Reports

Admissions appeals

Anti-bullying policy

Behaviour policy (Inclulding Exclusions)

Complaints procedure

First aid policy

Leave of absence letter 2019

Physical intervention policy

PE/Sports premium

Privacy Notice (Parents / children)

Safeguarding and child protection

SEND Report

study support policy

Whistleblowing policy

admissions arrangements 2020-21

Assessment policy

Behaviour policy ADDENDUM (coronavirus)

Early years policy (EYFS)

Health and safety policy

Medical needs policy

PE/Sports Report

Pupil Acceptable use

Privacy Notice (staff)

Safeguarding and child protection addendum (Covid-19 response)

SEND policy + Accessibility

volunteer policy

Wi-Fi Policy

admissions arrangements 2021-22

Attendance policy

Charging and remissions

Equality statement

Image use policy

MArking and presentation policy

Online Safety

pupil premium report

pupil premium policy

School prospectus

Sex and relationships & PSHE education policy

Volunteer/visitor acceptable use policy

Young Carers Policy


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