National Tutoring Programme

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, schools have been given additional funding to ensure that children recover for any lost time in school.  According to research from the Education Endowment Foundation, small group tutoring can support accelerated progress for children.  As a result, the school will be rolling out a tutoring programme for selected children. 

Our tuition partners are Fleet Tutors and The Lightning Squad from FFT.  Additional school tutoring will take place through the school's PiXL process.


Sessions will take place throughout the day and tutors will work with class teachers to ensure that the support matches learning in the classroom.  Children will be taken from class to work on specific concepts in a small group environment.  Teachers will ensure that children continue to complete their usual classwork alongside this support. All tutors are fully trained and have been subject to vetting procedures.  


Your child’s class teacher will report on their progress at the next parent’s consultation meetings.  We’re confident that this additional support will be of significant benefit.