Entry to School

Entry / Exit into school

Children should arrive between 8:40 and 8:55 - the entry doors are closed at 8:55 and any arrivals after this time will be through the school office.

Collection points points are the same as entry points, unless specified.

Reception Classes - Please enter through the outside door to your classroom (RHM through the doors on the main entrance side of the gate).

Year 1 - External classroom doors (1AB to use end corridor)

Year 2 - Adam Gemili Block classroom entrances

Door 1 - 5RK, 5JD, 5JM, 3DH

Door 2 - 3JBo, 4ST, 4FB

Door 3 - 4CF, 3LCo


Year 6 - Main entrance of the Gemili Block

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