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Dear Children,

It’s fabulous fish finger, football Friday!

I hope that you are all well and keeping yourselves busy. I have been keeping busy doing lots of cleaning, gardening and fence painting. All the jobs that I would usually do during the Easter holiday.

Siôn is a bit sad that he is missing his cycling and his World Cup races but is trying hard to exercise at home. He made me and Elin do a boot camp earlier in the week. That’s when you have lots of exercises to do and you have a turn on each of them. It was really difficult and he was really bossy. Bossier than me! Did you notice that I used and exclamation mark then? Then he wanted a haircut and asked his sister Elin to do it for him. He ended up with a few bald patches which looked really funny so his dad had to shave off all his hair. I will show you the photographs we go back to school. Elin is working very hard at home. She has lots of work to do as it’s her last year in university. My cat Bella likes to sleep a lot or chase butterflies in the garden.

I can’t wait to see what you have been up to at home. I have been writing a diary so that next year I can look back and remember everything that has happened. You could write a diary too. You could write a little bit every day to tell me what you have done, do some drawings for it or take photographs to show me. I love looking at photographs. I hear that you have been doing really well with NumBots but Mrs Archibald’s class are winning. It’s like a challenge between our classes in Yr 1.

Remember to be good at home, help around the house and tidy up everything that you use. You are all so good at doing this in class.

Have a great week and I will write again next week.

Mrs Margrave

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