Hello 4ST


I hope that you've all had a good week and enjoyed the sunshine!  It was so hot wasn't it!  Gracie had her paddling pool out and loved splashing around and floating about in her frog rubber ring.  


Today is 100 days since we went into Lockdown.   It just doesn't seem possible that we have been home learning for that long.  As always, I have enjoyed receiving all your emails and messages this week.  Well done to Jasmine (1st), Freddie (2nd) and Ruby (3rd) for the biggest increase in correct answers over the last week on TTRS.  Well done too to Maisie and Udoka who have both achieved Super Reader certificates on AR this week and Michael and Maisie who earned 100% on an AR quiz.  


Today, June 29th, is National Camera Day!  So why not take some photos to remember your time in lockdown?  You are living through a moment in history that future children will learn about in school.  Don't forget you can share any of your lockdown memories by emailing me at lockdownmemories@wentworthonline.co.uk​  I'm in the process of making a film/scrap book of Wentworth Primary School's lockdown memories - it would be lovely to add some of yours to this.  


I hope that you all have a good week, keep working hard and sending me emails!  


See you all soon.


Take care.


Mrs Turner

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