Term 1 2021 - UKS2 Maths

A great start to the term developing our wonderful mathematicians. The children have worked hard to develop mathematical language and are becoming experts at explaining their reasoning.

Year 5

Year 5 has been learning about decimals.They have looked at the size, the value and investigated decimals, resulting in them gaining a deeper understanding of the concept.

The Year 5 children enjoyed using the Gattegno Chart to secure their understanding of the value of numbers, allowing them to see the pattern and structure of our counting structure.

During an investigation the children developed strategies to know if they have found all the solutions, understanding that there can be more than one answer. They found out that being systematic was the key to success.

Year 6

As part of the unit of four operations, our Year 6 have been learning about square numbers. They investigated the pattern between squares and were able to recognise squares and use this in a range of investigations. One of the problems we looked at was from the Nrich website called “One Wasn’t Square.”

The first thing the children had to do was decipher what the problem was asking them to do.

The children then had to use trial and improvement to see if they could work out the three numbers.

As a class we looked at some numbers and discussed whether these would work and,if not, why they didn't meet the criteria of the problem.

The children were so close to finding out the answers and so those who attended board and puzzle club continued to explore further.

Why not have a go to see if you can find the answer you can find all the information on the problem at the following link: