Term 3 2022 - British Values

In the school council we promote and use British Values as an integral part of our meetings.

The school council normally meets every fortnight for half an hour. The members of the school council are elected by their class to represent them in the school. There is a chief and a deputy school council member for years 1 through to year 6. Each class has a suggestion box on how we could improve the school and for any issues they would like to raise. Once an issue has been debated the school council members return to their class to give them the result.

We are looking forward to being able to meet again as a school council soon, once Covid allows us to.

Democracy was used to vote in the members of the school council.

Individual liberty is a key element to our decision making. Everyone has an individual right to choice at the school. Every class has a suggestion box. Each suggestion is discussed by the school council. We look at several different aspects of a suggestion. Who is it for? Is it just for a small group of people or would the whole school benefit? Is it value for money? Is it a good use of space? How can we raise the money for the project? Is it safe?

The rules of the school are discussed and reviewed by the school council. We have looked at aspects of safety and the rules of behaviour.

Mutual Respect is discussed in every meeting and demonstrated by each person being given the time to speak and represent their class.

Tolerance of different beliefs and faiths. We always take into account everyone’s views. Each person has a chance to speak and offer their opinions for or against an idea. We respect different people’s opinions and ideas.