Term 3 2022 - Mighty Writer

In Key Stage 1, we have been using the Mighty Writer programme to help plan and improve our writing. This is proving to be extremely successful – the children love using it and the writing that has come out of it is really impressive.

Mighty Writer is specifically designed to support teachers in making writing come alive for children by concentrating on the process of sentence creation, and by providing a visual and interactive approach to learning. Symbols are used to represent different elements of a sentence. This helps children with the structure of each sentence, and allows them to use their creativity through description and word choice.

Classes plan writing as a whole class, using the Mighty Writer resource to represent their thinking. This is then photographed and the children have this as their plan to write from. More able children are encouraged to develop their writing by using alternative language and more complex punctuation.

This is the beginning of 2KR’s story re-telling of Beegu by Alexis Deacon

Here 2KR are describing the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton, focusing on using 2 adjectives separated by a comma.

Here is a short video, in which Vishwah and Darcy from 2KR talk about what they like about planning writing using Might Writer: