Term 3 2022 - Power Maths in KS2

Across the school this year, we have started using Power Maths to support the delivery of our daily maths lessons.

The lesson begins with a hook task, where the children discuss the maths they will need to apply to get to the answer. This session allows for the children to have mathematical

discussions with their peers and use mathematical vocabulary.

Year 6 hook on percentages.

We then work together as a class on the maths we need to solve the questions. We

rehearse stem sentences and key vocabulary to support our learning. We display sentences on our working wall and use concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to support the learning.

Year 5 lesson on factors

In guided practice, we work through a range of examples, embedding the children’s

understanding of the concepts being taught. Talking in full sentences about their maths and using concrete, pictorial and abstract models, helps the children to develop secure

mathematical understanding.

Guided practice Year 6

When the children are secure in their mathematical understanding, they move on to

independent maths to show their understanding by answering and solving a range of

questions. We encourage the children to use diagrams and explain their thinking.