Year 4 trip to Kingswood

Children arrived at school early this morning with their (reasonably sized) bags before boarding the coach to Kingswood activity centre.

Upon arrival, we met some of our activity leaders and had a tour of the site, before going straight into our first activities. Some children enjoyed problem solving activities, whilst others had a session of bushcraft.

After lunch, children spent some time in the play area and the tuck shop. In the afternoon, children enjoyed 2 more activities. Some children showed incredible resilience on the abseiling tower; what seemed like something impossible at first was achieved after plenty of encouragement from the staff and children’s class mates.

Other children enjoyed the obstacle course which involved scrambling over and under logs and army crawling under ropes. Children loved using the zip wires and playing rock, paper, scissors at the top of the rigging!

After dinner, children had some time in their rooms to complete the surprisingly tricky task of putting a bed sheet and duvet cover on. Our evening activity was a film night in the centres very own cinema! We even found time to pause the film and wish Tobias a happy birthday! Thank you for the cake Tobias!

We look forward to a peaceful night‘s sleep and more activities tomorrow!