PGL Windmill Hill - Day One

Children arrived at school with their sensibly sized suitcases this morning, ready and raring to go. After some team building activites in the hall, we boarded our coaches to the activity centre.

After many "are we there yets" and "can I have my lunch" we arrived at the site and children met their PGL group leaders for the weekend. Following our picnic lunch in the sports hall, children were very excited to learn their room allocations and spend some time setting up their home for the weekend. We then headed off to our first activities, which included fencing, archery, problem-solving and the sensory trail.

Our fencing skills developed quickly over the session, as children tried to score points by bending the foil in the scoring zone.

The sensory trail encouraged the children to communicate effectively as they lost their sense of vision. Children followed a rope around an obstacle course and the adults enjoyed tormenting children with loud bangs and water droplets.

The sunshine made all of our activities that bit more enjoyable!

Children enjoyed their first meal of the weekend before their evening activity of "Passport to the World" which involved racing around the site and answering questions on different countries. Well done to the winning teams: "The Shrimps" came in third place, joint first were "The Ancient Explorers" and "The Humans"!

Although excited, the children settled very well this evening - some of them even decorated their rooms, had showers and prepared their clothes for the morning.

Lights out for now!