PGL Windmill Hill - Pupil perspective

Laila: "So far we have had so much fun - my favourite was definitely the Giant Swing. I loved filming Livvy scream her head off! Also I really enjoyed the fajitas we had for lunch. I'm pleased with my new football from the gift shop too! The main part I really enjoyed was getting into our new cabin and unpacking all of our stuff - we also need to tidy up now... it's a pig-sty."

Chloe: "The Giant Swing was very nerve-wracking, but after going on and making it to the top, I just wanted to keep going and going. I knew I was scared at the top because Mr. Pollock told me I put on my serious face. I no longer want him to be head teacher!"

Charlie: "First of all I was really scared to go on the Giant Swing, then I saw others go on it. It was still scary though!"

Iris: "I faced my fear on the Giant Swing - it made me feel relieved because I saw it as a barrier to overcome."

Fareed: "I really enjoyed shooting arrows at archery. I learned how to position myself and hold a bow correctly."

Jenson: "It is spectacular here! I have pushed myself to the limit. When I first went on abseiling, I felt scared, but I did it in the end! I will remember these moments forever. I hope I come here again."

Alex: "PGL is an opportunity to learn new things and beat your fears."

Finnley: "This has been a major experience for me. It has pushed me to the limit and have fun. When I got to the top of the abseiling tower I felt very nervous because I was the first in my group. When I started going down, it was really scary as it feels like you are defying gravity!"

Lois: "Today we went on the giant swing and it was the best experience ever. Hopefully I can come back and do it again!"

Mia: "Today, me and my group did the obstacle course. We had to do a challenge where you hang from a horizontal wooden pole like a sloth. It was really fun."

Ashley: "Archery was really fun because even though I didn't get the score I wanted, it was still great!"

Isabelle: "The fencing was really exhilerating because you got into the proper kit and got to stab your friends. The room arrangements are really good because you get to be with your friends and the rooms are also very comfortable."

Solah: "I liked problem-solving because even in an environment that is not school you can be challenged and test your mind. The fencing was very intense but they taught us very well and it was very fun."

Udoka: "Today we participated in the Giant Swing. It was very fun because we had to test our abililty and tried not to scream. It was a once in a lifetime experience."

Daisy: "I tried to do the abseiling and got to the top of the tower. That made me feel proud of myself, but it was too scary for me to actually go down! At least I tried!"

Millie: "The problem solving taught me how to work as a team. It was hard because you had to try to figure out the difficult challenges that had been set."

Amelia: "I was quite nervous about the abseiling when I had to step over the edge, but after a few steps I loved it! On the rock climbing, I struggled to get to the top but in the end I made it!"

Moury: "I like the activities. The staff are very good because they help to sort out anything you need."

William: "I was ecstatic on the giant swing because the first time I was the one who pulled the release cord. On the abseiling I was super nervous as I felt I was going to fall.

Sophie: "I really enjoyed the Passport to the World activity because I loved running around in the dark with my torch. You had to find the flags that were hidden around the site. Each of them had different questions to answer."

Poppy: "The rooms here are really nice, they are very cosy. It is very fun staying with my friends - they are amazing room-mates! I somewhat conquered my fear of heights on the giant swing because I at least attempted it!"

Bisesh: "The activities are well-rounded. For example, problem-solving tests your mind, abseiling challenges you to face your demons and fencing teaches you to be competetive. They involve lots of human characteristics and skills."

Melody: "I've learned that the possiblity of coming here again is low so I need to take part in everything I can so I can make the most of it."

Sam: "I enjoyed abseiling. I was afraid at first but I overcame my fear. It was something I wouldn't do in ordinary life."

Jasmine: "I overcame my fear and went higher than I expected on the Giant Swing. As soon as I got on, I said to my friend that I was having second thoughts... but I still did it."

Frankie: "I'm proud of going right to the top of the giant swing, it felt scary."

Alana: "Getting to the top of the climbing tower was challenging. I pushed myself to do it and we were cheering each other on so that made it slightly easier."

Noah: "I faced my fears on the giant swing and now I am not scared of heights, even though I used to be."

Maisie: "I was nervous for abseiling but when I started to go down I felt confident and I enjoyed it. The food here is yummy!"

Sadie: "I was scared to do the abseiling because I thought the lady would drop me when I was walking down, but I faced my fears and everyone cheered me on and before I knew it, I was down!"

Sam: "I really enjoyed abseiling because at first I was a bit nervous to go down, but once I did it the first time, I felt likeI wanted to do it again. The staff were really good because they comforted me and encouraged me to go down."

Ava: "I found abseiling quite interesting because I have never done it before. I felt quite scared when my feet were on the edge of the tower at the top, but then felt confident at the end."

Liv: "I like eating sweets in my cabin at night - I don't think the teachers have any idea!"

Pearl: "I liked the sensory trail because you had to shut your eyes and I thought I would bump into things as I couldn't see. The teachers were throwing water at us and making noises. When we took our blindfolds off, I realised there was nothing to bump into."