Term 1 2021 - LKS2 Maths

The use of language to support deeper learning

Children in Year 3 have been exploring the composition of the number 100, relating their number bond facts to 10 to their learning of 100. Children have been exploring multiples bigger than ten and finding how many equal groups can be made from the whole.

The photographs show the children exploring equal groups and calculating the value of the parts by using known facts.

STEM sentences are sentences that are used to allow all children to access the learning content and it is. Tool to enable them to communicate their understanding in a structured and progressive way. Here are some examples of the STEM sentences that have been used within this unit of learning.

· If ____ is the whole then ____ + ____ are equal parts of the whole.

· 100 is equivalent to___ + _____ + _____ + _____.

· Each part has a value of ____.

· 4 lots of ____ are equal to 100.

Here are some of the pupil comments based on their learning to show their deepening understanding:

4 25’s are equal to 100. I know this because 25 + 25 is equal to 50 and double 50 = 100

The whole is 100. There are 5 equal parts. Each part has a value of 20. 5 2’s are 10 so 5 20’s are 100.

10 is ten times bigger than 1. 1 is one hundred times smaller than 100. 100 is ten times bigger than 10.

70 + 30 is equal to 100. I can also say this as 7 tens + 3 more tens is equal to 10 tens which is equivalent to 100.