Term 2 2021 - Forest School

At Wentworth Outdoor learning takes a key part in all areas of the curriculum to support children’s different learning styles and make the learning come alive. As well as curriculum time our children are fortunate to experience Forest school sessions from EYFS through to Year 6. As the children go through the school they get to experience the forest in different seasons, helping them to understand the changes in nature through the year.

Every Friday in term 1, Year 1 visited the forest area where Mr Ketley, our Forest School Lead, and Mrs Monteith, delivered a whole range of interesting activities. The children experienced using tools, taking risks, exploring nature and working as a team.

During the term the children used nature to make pictures and also used the book Stickman by Julia Donaldson as inspiration for a performance and were able to retell the story with the use of their own “Stickman”.

All the Year 1 classes had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning outside. They will return to more sessions in the forest when they are in Year 2.

Term 2 was Year 2’s turn. So far the children have made dens and built the tallest tower, using great teamwork and communication skills. Working together they successfully found the resources and built different towers – a feeling of great achievement was felt by all.

Forest school is fun active and every session brings a new challenge. The children develop the skills of problem solving and have the confidence to try new things. A time spent away from screens and to get back to nature.