Term 2 2021- Maths KS1

Year 1:

This term we have been consolidating our learning about number composition to ten, and using our knowledge to help us see and carry out addition and subtraction.

Part, part, wholes often help us to see the Maths...

We also use number tracks and lines to support counting on and back….

The different representations and variations help us to have a concrete understanding of our Maths learning.

Year 2:

This term we are continuing to build on our knowledge of the MAGIC NUMBER 10. We practice our bonds to ten daily as having quick and fluent recall of these facts supports us in seeing patterns, predicting and checking our thinking. We are currently using this knowledge to subtract from ten:

We use stem sentences to organise and support our thinking…

……and manipulatives to help us see the Maths.

We are enjoying learning our new Maths vocabulary too. Some of our new Maths words this term are…