Term 2 2021 - PE

The children have been enjoying a whole range of different learning opportunities this term.

Year 3 children have had the opportunity to learn from professional cricket coaches as part of the Chance to Shine Program. Chance to Shine aim to give all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop their skills through cricket.

The children have been developing their running, jumping, throwing, and catching skills in isolation and in combination. They have also learnt how to play competitive games whilst developing their communication and collaboration skills.

The children enjoyed honing their skills and recognising working hard to achieve something makes you feel good.

Year 4 have had a busy term with each class benefiting from a taster rugby coaching session provided by Bexley Rugby Club. The children learnt some key skills including how to hold, throw and pass a ruby ball. The children enjoyed practicing their skills with a range of drills and games.

Year 4 have also been practising their basketball skills including dribbling and controlling the ball. The children then learnt to aim and shoot the ball into the hoop. They then practise their skills in small team games.

Year 5 have taken their basketball skills to the next level learning the skills they need to play competitive basketball matches. The children have worked with their Pro-Futures coaches to learn how to throw, catch and dribble with confidence. They have also learnt how to dodge and move around the court attacking and defending against an opponent.

Year 5 have also had the opportunity to go swimming at our local leisure centre. They have been learning to swim competently, confidently, and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 meters using a range of strokes.

Year 6 have been working on developing their flexibility, strength, control, and balance to build up to performing a cartwheel in their gymnastics lessons. The children have also been looking at ways they can balance, roll and travel to perform a simple routine.

Children in Year 2 have been exploring how to caterpillar walk and how they can explore shapes in the air whilst jumping and landing with control. They have also been using these new skills to plan a sequence of moves.

In outdoor PE sessions the Year 2 children have been learning hove to master basic movements including throwing and catching. They have been practicing throwing and catching with both hand and how to coordinate their efforts.

Year 1 have learnt how to throw accurately. They have focused on keeping their eyes on the target as well as estimating how much force is needed for the ball or beanbag to reach the desired target.

They learnt that if they throw with too much force the ball or beanbag can go past the target. Too little force and the object may not reach the target at all.