Term 2 2021 - Wellbeing

Mindfulness Club for years 5 and 6

Mindfulness club is run on a Monday lunchtime for years 5 and 6.

In term 1 we learnt about, ‘the reptile brain’ as coined by American neuroscientist, Paul D. MacLean. We learnt how this part of the brain is essential for survival but can, on occasion, be unhelpful to us.

MacLean’s model of Triune Brain hypothesis.

To help us to understand, we met SYDNEY THE SNAKE!

We also used our hands to make our own ‘model’ of the brain.

The reptile part is called the amygdala!

Once we had learnt about our brain and how and why we might, ‘flip our lid’. We practised some activities to calm us down.

Five Finger Breathing:


Body Scan: