Term 3 2022 - History

Year 6

This term, the children have started a project on World War II by finding out definitions of some key vocabulary. This was followed by finding out about some key events and making timelines to sequence these. The children are seeing a theatre performance called ‘The Thompsons’ War’ with a history drama workshop, which will lead to studies of life in Britain during the war.

Year 5

Before Christmas, the children completed their study of the influence of Ancient Greece on the modern world, by finding words in our English dictionaries with Ancient Greek roots and by finding out about democracy.

Year 4

The children completed their project ‘Invaders and Settlers’ before Christmas. This included a Roman workshop day, when they took part in a range of activities such as making a human timeline, acting out the invasion, writing Latin on wax tablets, making amulets, and being gladiators at an amphitheatre.

The children explored reasons for the Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions and found out about life during these times.

Year 3

At the end of last term, year 3 learnt about chronology when they sequenced the history of chocolate.

This term, the children are beginning their ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ project. As an introduction to finding out about changes in Britain during this era, they have arranged events in chronological order on a timeline.

Year 2

In November, the children used their detective skills to find the trail leading to the Gunpowder Plot. They looked at and discussed the reliability of accounts and stories from this historical event.

As part of their ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ project this term, the children are learning about the history of space flight. This includes finding out about Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, and his Moon landing.

Year 1

In October, Year 1 learnt about local history, comparing old and recent photographs and paintings of Hall Place, and using their own knowledge of the place.

This term, the children have been learning the National Anthem and looking at portraits of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her lifetime. They have painted their own portraits.